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Moving, spawning and digging in the garden

16 May

I’ve not had a lot of time to write over the past few months, as we have been busily at work with multiple projects. The major one (my latest pet project) being the growing of the second addition to our collection of offspring. Yes indeed, I have been with child, working, chasing Monkey (our first creation, now two and a half), packing and moving house, unpacking (which still remains an incomplete task) and finally bearing our second child (two weeks ago) who has been dubbed Puddleduck due to her affinity for peeing on mummy. Usually in the middle of the night. On my sheets.
Despite all these interesting life events, I have still managed to break out a few light tools and get to creating a few things, for as you know, a life without creating is a life not enjoyed.

Our new house is a proper house, not a two bedroom second floor apartment as we were living in before. My son is so grateful for a BACKYARD! Albeit, an unorthodox backyard featuring the “Cliff of Death”, a 2m drop encrusted with boulders which my son actually navigates quite gracefully. Might have to do something with this cliff.
We have had a challenging start despite the cliff, since the backyard as well as the rest of the house was slightly neglected by the former occupants. This has meant digging old pieces of plastic, metal and rope out of the very clayish soil before anything can really be done. But I am getting there, and started my backyard overhaul by building a few raised bed planters out of wood I recycled from around the property. The first of the three I am currently building is now at home outside the back door and houses my culinary herbs: basil, flat leaf and curly parsley, rosemary, mint and oregano. The second and largest is also complete and will house my winter crop of snowpeas, garlic and spinach. It’s a special bed for me, as I was still finishing it off when in labour with Puddleduck. The last bed which I am now finishing will be a garden dedicated specifically to chillies, something I’ve always wanted.

I am very excited to see the yard evolve over the next few months as I continue to build up a transformation plan! Can’t wait to post photos of the progression too!


Cinnamon rolls

28 Apr

I love to bake. I always have aspirations of the fabulous things I could make, but you can only stuff so much onto one tiny plate before you end up with food decorating the floor. So to speak.
I’ve got one incredible friend who seems to be Wonder Mum. With three kids, she diligently makes soccer runs, dance appointments, play dates, cooks three or more square meals a day and bales frequently.
With one kid I am still in my pyjamas at 1:34pm on a weekend, having just drank my “morning coffee”.

This recipe posted by Love From the Oven may make baking a fresh cinnamon roll a little less complicated. Sure I may have to bake my own “Mother’s Day treat”, but I too may finally end up with trays of freshly baked sweets with enough time to also wash the dishes! I can’t wait to try it; let me know if you bake a batch.