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Life update

5 Aug

Life gets so busy, and I haven’t managed to integrate my writing into it as I’d like… yet. Little Monkey is a whirlwind of activity, and my dishes are left undone for the majority of the day (week?). Yet I’ve got more than 14 projects swimming in my head right now, and each idea never ceases to split and multiply like a healthy amoeba. I never have a shortage of things I want to do!
I’ve managed to begin one or two of my projects, which I had hoped to write about (and I suppose I may still…):
A down light over my dark dining table, made from a hardware work lamp;
A shade for said light;
A bookshelf made from reclaimed wood;
A crochet quilt for Little Monkey…
but I think I must face that some ideas must be sacrificed so that my dishes can remain clean, family remain fed and in clean clothes and just some of my projects will be able to live on and be finished!