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Illness and a happy garden

19 May

Our whole household has recently been down for the count, brought to our knees by our familiar winter time foe, the cold bug. Last year my small son was generous enough to carry home every stray virus he happened to come across. Unfortunately I thought that we would go unscathed this year, but evidently I was being a little optimistic.
While sickness is highly unpleasant for the regular person, for the tragically creative it seems it can be one of our greatest nemeses. So for me, being too beaten up by the cold to lift a hand to housework, ideas of crafts have been left swimming around in my head like distorted little pond fish. Let’s just say not all of my delusional craft ideas have been feasible, ie. getting root hormone gel on your hands doesn’t mean your index might start to sprout roots and that you can produce a cute little finger garden.
I’ve also taken to reading a LOT of Lucy Maud Montgomery, which is something that can really affect someone’s writing and normal patterns of speech. For reals… as LM Montgomery might not say.

I have been taking time to go out (between chapters in ‘Anne of Avonlea’) and tend to my balcony garden. It’s a nice little “outing”, just far enough outside to shake the feeling that my body may actually be fusing with the walls of my apartment.

My little plants seem to be doing well. Broccoli, carrot, lettuce, garlic and onions are all sprouting. Snow pea seedlings are looking fairly happy, as are the new strawberry plants. One thing that looks decidedly unhappy is the poor tiny little rose bush that I took from my Oma’s garden after she passed. I do not know much about rose bushes and so I hope the thing revives.
But as far as food producing things? They revive me and help me feel that to dream something into being isn’t too much of a hard task.