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Cinnamon rolls

28 Apr

I love to bake. I always have aspirations of the fabulous things I could make, but you can only stuff so much onto one tiny plate before you end up with food decorating the floor. So to speak.
I’ve got one incredible friend who seems to be Wonder Mum. With three kids, she diligently makes soccer runs, dance appointments, play dates, cooks three or more square meals a day and bales frequently.
With one kid I am still in my pyjamas at 1:34pm on a weekend, having just drank my “morning coffee”.

This recipe posted by Love From the Oven may make baking a fresh cinnamon roll a little less complicated. Sure I may have to bake my own “Mother’s Day treat”, but I too may finally end up with trays of freshly baked sweets with enough time to also wash the dishes! I can’t wait to try it; let me know if you bake a batch.